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Look for best lawyers or solicitors in your local area: is an Australian directory of lawyers solicitors and related specialists. Lawyer Choice Australia is probably the best lwayers website, finder and a local lawyer navigator tool.

On you can browse to find lawyers listed by legal practice area or what a law firm specialises in. You can also find lawyers for you close to where you live or do business. You don't have to spend hours in traffic travelling to your lawyer across the city.


Barristers in Australia

It's not often that an individual will need to look for a barrister when they need legal assistance. Typically, your lawyer or solicitor will recommend a barrister they work with and who may be appropriate for representing the case in court if needed. Barristers usually don't advertise their services to the public but they work with lawyers solicitors who are the first point of communication with a client. Barristers may also have their preferred solicitors. This is in the event a barrister needs to direct a legal case to a solicitor to manage it.

Bail Application Lawyer in Australia

Not many lawyers will list bail applications as their specialty service. Yet there are a lot of lawyers who can assist with bail applications. Such a bail application lawyer may work in an area in which bail aplication may be needed. For example, one may need assistance from a family lawyer bail application or a criminal lawyer should be able to assist with criminal bail application.

Class Action Lawyer

Class action lawyer or a law firm that has strong experience in class action legal cases would be able to provide advice in class action claims or a potential legal class action court case. Class action solicitors and barristers would take care of cases where there could be a number of people affected by the same event or action that could lend itself to class action claim. Class action legal cases may have some advantages over individual legal claims, such as cheaper legal costs, due to costs being shared among all the claimants. On the other hand, class action cases tend to take a while due to a large number of elements and information contribution required from all parties involved and their related cources of information.

Conveyancer Lawyer and Property Lawyer or Solicitor for Real Estate Conveyancing Works

Property purchase or sale is one of the most significant financial events in our life. We commit a large amount of money to one transaction. This may impact the quality of life for us and our family for decades to come. Therefore, it's best to leave the legal work related to property transactions to a property lawyer or a property conveyancer or real estate solicitor.

Home purchase lawyer should be able to assist you with a number of property searches within relevant government administration documentation. A property lawyer or conveyancer will also perform searches related to the infrastructure related to the house, apartment, unit or a block of land you're planning to buy. Conveyancing solicitor may be able to assist you with your decision regarding the purchase of a real estate property by pointing any negative restrictions or limitations that may be impacting that property as indicated in the results of the searches.

Conveyancing lawyer may be also able to refer other specialists who may be able to help you with your purchase of a house, a townhouse, villa, unit, appartment, studio, land or rural property farm. A conveyancer solicitor may recommend a mortgage broker, a real estate agent (in case of the sale of property), a home loan broker or home lending institution. If you are planning to sell your home property lawyers or conveyancers should be able to assist you with drafting a contract for the sale of the property.

Property conveyancer or real estate lawyer should be able to guide you on the steps of the legal aspect of the transaction including the exchange of contracts and the settlement. A property lawyer or conveyancer would usually oversee the details of the settlement of the home purchase or sale.

Cheap Conveyancing

Most conveyancing charges are usually paid on the settlement of the property transaction or after the settlement. Some conveyancers and property lawyers would request a down-payment towards the conveyancing costs they would incurr during the conveyancing work on your property transaction.

No Win No Fee Lawyer

No Win No Fee lawyer services offer the convenience of no upfront or ongoing legal costs. Australia is one of the countries in which a No Win No Pay legal agreement can be available. No Win No Fees Lawyers services usually apply to some legal cases and may have some restrictions of availability. Some cases in which nowin nofees could be available include no win no fee injury claims, no win no fee accident claims, mesothelioma no win no fee asbestosis claims, no win no fee negligence, no win no fee car accident or no win no fee traffic accident, no win no fee workers compensation, no win no fee medical negligence or no win no fee public liability claim.
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No Win No Fee Negligence Lawyers

Looking for a No Win No Fee Lawyer for your potential negligence case? There can be a few different types of negligence that may be subject to a legal claim. Some lawyers may offer their advise for negilgence claim on no win no fee basis.
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No Win No Fee Accident Claim Services Lawyer

Are you considering talking to a No Win No Pay Lawyer or legal company for an accident you may claim? Or would you like to consider a work accident claim and you are looking for a lawyer that can offer a no winnofee plan?
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Lawyers in Sydney

Sydney is home to the largest number of lawyers, legal and para-legal firms and services in Australia. While a significant number of legal professionals are located in the City, there are law services available throughout the whole Sydney metro area. There are a large number of business lawyers and company and corporate legal specialists. Equally, there are a lot of lawyers, solicitors and barristers, and law firms serving the legal needs of individuals: property lawyers, accident lawyers, inculding traffic accident and motor accident lawyers, family loawyers, compensation lawyers, work and employment lawyers, injury lawyers, negligence lawyers - including medical negligence lawyers, tax and taxation lawyers, criminal lawyers and lawyers specialising in other areas of law in Australia and overseas.
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