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What is No Win No Fee?

No Win No Fee is a system offered by some lawyers and legal firms. In essence, it means that if your case doesn't win in court, you will not pay any fees to your solicitor. (However there may still be some costs that you will have to bear, such as legal costs of the winning party).

What is No Win No Pay?

No Win - No Pay is essentially another term used for the NoWin-NoFee agreement. It reflects the terms in which if your case doesn't win, you will not pay the legal costs of your lawyers. In Australia, it is an increasingly popular form of a legal agreement in some cases.

What is a conditional costs agreement?

Conditional costs agreement is the official term used to describe no win - no fee types of arrangements.

What is the difference between No Win No Fee and conditional costs agreement ?

Both terms usually refer to the same type of terms of service offered by solicitors and lawyers.

How does No Win No Fees agreement work?

In essence, a lawyer or a law firm can offer this type of arrangement in some cases and to some clients. The agreement will usually state that if your legal case doesn't win, you will not have to pay any legal costs to your lawyers. The advantage of such a No Win No Pay agreement is that you will usually not have to bear any upfront or ongoing costs in your case. On the other hand, if your case does win, you will pay your lawyers their costs and the "success fee" on top of the costs. However, there can be variations in the contract as to you paying other costs, disbursements, barrister's costs, stationery, travel costs of your lawyers etc. There may however be costs to the other party should you lose your legal claim. You need to make sure you are familiar with the details of your no win no fee agreement with your lawyer before you sign them.

Who can get nowin - nofee

No Win No Fee is frequently offered in some categories of legal areas. There are no legal limits as to who can qualify for NoWin-NoFees, its eligibility is not regulated by the goverment, it's not means or assets-tested, its not related to your assets, goverment or Centrelink payments or benefits etc. However, some legal firms restrict the availability of No Win No Fees to only people who are otherwise not able to meet the potential costs of their legal case.

    No Win No Fee depends on these factors:
  • If a given law firm offers No Win No Fee arrangements
  • If your potential case belongs to one of the legal categories in which No Win No Pay is offered
  • If the lawyers of that firm think your case is a reasonably strong one for them to pursue
  • Sometimes law firms only offer the NoWin-NoFee agreement to people who otherwise wound not be able to pursue their case due to the lack of their own funds
  • Ultimately, it's up to the lawyers to decide if they think they can offer you a No Win - No Fee agreement.

In what cases is No Win No Fee offered?

It's totally up to each individual law firm if they want to offer No Win - No Pay agreements. Some firms offer these options, other lawyers only offer traditional cost agreements, with potential upfront and ongoing costs.

    No Win No Fees are sometimes offered in these cases:
  • No Win No Fee Negligence claim
  • Public liability No Win No Fee
  • Medical Negligence No Win No Fee for doctor or nurse negligence claim
  • Other Negligence No Win No Fee claim
  • No Win No Fee Injury claim, including No Win No Fees agreements for personal injury
  • Asbestos claim case is likely to be offered under a No Win No Fee agreement for asbestosis No Win No Pay mesothelioma cases
  • No Win No Fee traffic injury claim for car accident No Win No Fees
  • Workers Compensation No Win No Fee agreement for workerscomp claim
  • No Win No Fee Accident
  • Traffic accident No Win - No Fees incl bus accident bike accident, train, boat, truck accident injury damages claim
  • There may be other areas where No Win No Fee may be offered - it's up to an individual lawyer firm, so it may be a good idea to check when you do your reseach or during an initial consultation with lawyers.

Sounds good - any downside?

Yes, there are two things you should be aware of: the success fee and potential costs you may pay to the winning party in case you lose your claim.

What is the Success Fee for No Win No Fee

The No Win No Fee Success Fee is an additional payment on top of your legal costs. This is usually a pre-agreed percentage of the legal costs of your lawyers. Both the legal costs and the success fee are changed when you win your case.

Is Success Fee related to the amount of money in my claim

Not really. The Success Fee is a percentage of legal costs of your lawyers. Some states' regulation limits the success fee to be not more than 25% extra on top of the legal costs of your lawyers.

Is No Win No Fee the same everywhere?

There are some similarities and differences between how win no fee operates in Australian States and Territories. Some states may have some limitations on how No Win No Fee can be advertised and promoted. In these states you may find that law firms are not able to promote No Win No Fee Lawyer options before you approcha them yourself. This may not help your opportunity to research and find out which lawyers would be best for No Win No Fee lawyer low cost option.

Important Information about No Win No Fee agreements

It's very important that you read the terms of your No Win - No Fee agreement in detail. Make sure you understand exactly how your nowin nofee terms work. If you have any doubts or questions, please clarify them wiht your No Win No Fee lawyer before you sign the contract. In particular, you should understand what is the definition of the "success" in your case and make sure you are happy with this definition. Achieving the "success" point will determine if you pay the lawyers their costs and the "success fee" on top of them. You need to make sure the No Win No Fee "success" as defined in the contract actually means a success for you.

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